What is a typical software apprenticeship?

A 3-12 month program for product designers or software engineers to be trained by mentors in order to become permanent employees at the organization by the end of the apprenticeship.

How do apprenticeships benefit the apprentice?

On-the-job training. Accepted into a company based on potential for a permanent role 3-12 months from today instead of experience today. Pursue your dreams!

How do apprenticeships benefit an organization?

A well-trained workforce. Ability to scale a team faster, with smoother onboarding. Save money and improve retention. Open candidate pool to non-traditional backgrounds, supporting diversity programs and helping avoid homogoneus workplaces.

What sort of employee agreement?

Typically paid, full-time temporary employees with health insurance and other benefits, no stock options.

How do I apply to an apprenticeship?

See each company's site for their application process:

Hear from the folks running these programs about their experiences.

What were apprentices doing immediately before the apprenticeship?

For thoughtbot:

  • 10% were college students
  • 30% were from a bootcamp
  • 60% were working as a full-time designer or software engineer
Where have former apprentices' careers led them?

To roles as product designers, senior software engineers, and managers at:

  • 18F
  • Basecamp
  • Clearbit
  • Code for America
  • Facebook
  • Genius
  • GitHub
  • Hotel Tonight
  • Intercom
  • LendingHome
  • Lyft
  • Netflix
  • Pivotal
  • Postmates
  • Segment
Where can I as an employer learn how to set up my own apprenticeship?
Any advice for me if I want to mentor apprentices at my organization?